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Whether it's just simple questions on hunting areas or a fully guided remote camp hunt we can do it. We have Deer, Bear, Pig, Turkey, Elk, and Waterfowl hunts available.

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Just our luck, it snows the day after B zone closes in CA. Guess those bucks get another year, good for them. We did manage to get a couple local meat bucks in the 90 degree weather. But I held out my last tag for the big guy I never saw.
Our Oregon hunt was fun but the big bucks were just not there. We did get a couple 4x4's but this country has had much better deer. A tough winter 3 years ago and more predators is the cause.
Just for Hunting has PLM hunts still going, so there is more to come for the hunting reports.
Good Hunting



Our hunting season is underway here in Northern CA. Archery deer is in full swing, marble mountain Elk starts in about a week, Dove season starts Sept. 1. We have openings availible for Blacktail deer and pigs, and we have PLM tags for deer on private ranches that run into december. Anyone lucky enough to have drawn a Marble Mtn elk tag should contact me as I do have some time for that as well. I again drew a mule deer tag for Oregon so I will be hunting myself the first couple weeks of October.
Good Hunting



The 2011 hunting season was great for us as you can see from the pictures above. So far this winter we have only been hunting pigs, and just now starting to scout some turkeys. Turkey season wil open in a couple weeks, so nows the time to book a day if you havent yet.



So far this hunting season the the hunting has been great. My good buddie Tom took his daughter Chelsea on her first buck hunt and took a whopper 4X3 blacktail. We just returned from our Oregon hunt where we took 4 nice mulies. Parrey was unsuccessful on his CA archery elk hunt but he still has a Nevada elk tag for december. As I type this its pouring rain here in Trinity so I might just take a little walk today.
I still have 3 deer tags in my pocket, so lets hope I can get a couple more good bucks this season.
Good hunting

Well the hunting draws were good to us this year. I drew three good deer tags in California, Oregon and Nevada. Parrey drew 2 elk tags one for California and one for Nevada. So this season I may not be on the river as much as most years. The boys are catching lots of big bucks on the trail cams so it looks like this year could be a great one.



In the last few months Parrey took a Trophy Bighorn Ram here in Ca. And they have been wackin and stackin the wild pigs. Turkey season opens saturday, so any archery hunters may also get a chance at an oinker while out chasin gooblers. More updates in the next few weeks.
Good Hunting!


11/29/2010 hunting report

The last 2 weeks we hunted the fridgid northern Idaho Whitetail rut hunt. Of 7 hunters we harvested 6 whitetail bucks the largest a 130" 9 point. With the high temps in the low teens and lows below zero the hunting was a challenge. I killed a small 8 point buck on thanksgiving day and got out of there between snow storms.
Still to come this season Parrey has a CA Sheep hunt, and Bears and pigs are still easy pickins.
Good hunting !


9/2010 Hunting Report

As fall approaches so does hunting season, my favorite time of year. So far this season we have guided one deer hunter to his first ever Blacktail deer a nice 4x4 trophy buck. I also helped an elk hunter who was lucky enough to draw a Marble Mtn elk tag. And on opening day of rifle season I harvested a nice fat management buck and my buddy Gerry took a trophy heavy horned 4x3 Blacktail that field dressed 175 lbs.

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